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  • Who is paying for the food?
    The church is providing all the meat, but you will need to provide any seasoning and sauce you want to use.
  • Do I have to cook on site?
    We encourage everyone to cook on site if possible. Not only does it add to the ambiance of the event, but it is also a ton of fun and you will get to know some great folks along the way. That being said, you can cook from home if you prefer.
  • How much food will I have to cook?
    In total, we are expecting about 500 guests at this year's event. The church will purchase enough meat for everyone and we will distribute the meat to each cook based on their comfort level with each meat category and the overall capacity of their smoker.
  • What type of food will we be cooking?
    We will be cooking four types of smoked meats: - Sliced brisket - Chicken thighs - Pork spare ribs - Pulled pork
  • What if I don't have the ability to transport my smoker to the church?
    We have 2 trailers that can help folks transport your smoker to / from church. There will be a sign-up sheet at the cooks meeting or you can just send an email to and request to be added to the list.
  • How should I season the meat?
    You have a lot of latitude in terms of how you season the meat so feel free to use your secret family recipe. However, remember that you are cooking for a lot of people... including a large number of young children and older folks who have sensitivities to very spicy food. As such, please avoid using extremely hot or spicy seasonings in your recipe.
  • Do I have to cook each meat category?
    No. You can cook as many or few meat categories as you like. Please indicate your preference on the sign-up form.
  • What are the competition categories?
    There are 4 meat categories for the competition: - Chicken thighs - Ribs - Pulled pork - Sliced brisket
  • Who will be judging the competition?
    We will have 12 individuals who will judging the event. Your food will be judged by 6 of these individuals. Each of the judges will receive proper training, guidance and oversight during the judging process.
  • How does the scoring work?
    Each submission will be scored by 3 anonymous judges. Each judge will assign a score of 1 to 9 for each submission (with 9 being the highest). Each criteria is weighted equally and your total score from all judges will determine the winner.
  • When can I set up my smoker?
    You will have access to your assigned cooking spot at 6pm on Saturday August 27.
  • When do I have to clear out of my cooking space?
    You are expected to have your cooking space cleaned and your smoker removed by 9pm on Sunday August 28.
  • What is the church providing?
    The church is providing the following: - All the meat for the event - Table and chairs for each cooking station - Foil pans, aluminum foil and sharpies for serving the meat. - Anti-bacterial wipes - Food safe gloves - Clam shell containers for competition submissions - Trash can - Power for each cooking station
  • What do I need to provide?
    Each cook is expected to provide the following: - Smoker - Charcoal, pellets or other wood based fuel for the smoker - Seasonings for the meat - Sauce for the meat - Cooking utensils - Canopy (optional)
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